Titanium - stiletto walking stick

  • Our unique hand turned titanium handle, 38mm/1.5” in diameter at the dome and 65mm/1.45” long matched with either the matt black or woven carbon shaft to your overall length requirement.
  • Stiletto dagger 305mm (12") overall length.
  • Titanium stiletto dagger handle hand turned and fluted 110mm (4.5") long Diameter 16mm (5/8")
  • Double hollow ground blade in 440c 190mm (7.5") long (Blade also available in bespoke stainless Damascus in the Odin’s eye pattern)
  • Weight 420g/14.6 oz
  • This model is perfect for personalizing the Ti handle and blade with the finest hand engraving and 24K gold inlays, or upgrading the blade to a custom stainless steel Damascus - POR.
  • This model also offers the unique option of custom dummy inserts (no blades), so the cane can be used in all situations, be it armed or unarmed.