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Solid State Music Tesla Coil Artificial Lightning Desktop Toy Electric Power Wireless Transmission Model

  • 【Product Features】Tesla coil can simulate the occurrence of lightning, and it will make a loud sound when working, which is produced by lightning penetrating the air, so there must be a sound when there is lightning. Please turn the first knob to the minimum when you use it, so as not to scare you
  • 【Scientific Experiment】Tesla coil can easily light up some inert rare gas lamps and display wireless power transmission, let's experience the magical scientific experiment together.
  • 【Music Play】Connect the Bluetooth Tesla Coil 10 to play the square wave music provided in the manual, the sound quality of other ordinary music will be very noisy, for your convenience, we provide more than 100 kinds of square wave music. Please refer to the instruction manual.
  • 【About the upgrade】001. We upgraded the bluetooth connection name to Tesla Coil 10; no longer use the old bluetooth module, and solved the problem of the old bluetooth disconnection. 002. The current version does not need to adjust the volume of the phone to the maximum to achieve the best playback state.
  • 【Size Description】4.17 x 4.17 x 2.4 inches/10.6-10.6-6.1cm, weighs about 1.8lbs/0.95kg.