• Total length: 105 cm.
  • Leaf length: 72 cm.
  • Handle length: 26cm.
  • Leaf width: 3.2 cm.
  • Thickness: 0.7cm.
  • Sheath: solid wood paint.
  • Since ancient times, samurai sword, as a weapon, is famous for its beautiful shape. Many famous swords are collected as works of art, which contain the symbolic meaning of the soldier's soul.
  • Different from knives in other countries, one of the most important features of Japanese Dao is that it not only shows the appearance of decoration, but also shows a sense of art.
  • be careful.
  • 1. The length may have slight error and should be measured by hand.
  • 2、 Yes. If you need custom blade engraving or other changes, please contact us.
  • Master the maintenance knowledge of sword.
  • The sword is generally composed of blade, scabbard and ornaments. The main blade is made of steel and the sheath is made of wood.
  • To avoid rusting, do not store in a wet place, and do not contact acidic or corrosive substances. If it is corroded by dirt and sweat, you should avoid touching it with your hands.
  • The surface shall be coated with lubricating oil (preferably mineral oil), such as liquid paraffin, motor lubricating oil, etc. Prevent the sword from rusting